I'm Sean Johnson.

Product designer and UX strategist

I design websites, apps, interfaces, and motion graphics.

I strive to make interactive experiences that people find useful, beautiful, intuitive, and compelling. My creative process involves melding my dominant intuitive side with a more formalized and researched approach, relying on as much data and background as possible.

I've prototyped software features, wireframed websites, designed videogame interfaces, architected mobile apps, animated TV spots, and scripted client pitches. I'm full of great ideas and I work tirelessly to strengthen brand and create user-centered experiences.

Born in Cleveland

Educated at Ohio State


Worked in Chicago

Living in Detroit

Current Work: Lead UX Designer at
Suitable Technologies (Beam® Telepresence devices)

I currently work designing and improving my company’s software, as well as strategizing product business objectives.

Have a look at a sampling of my work below


Subscription Service & Support

Telepresence Software Redesign (coming)


Beam Pro 2 Touchscreen

SuitableTech Marketing site

Mobile Transition (coming)

Ford AR Mobile App Pitch

Easy Login

MotionPOP Digital Signage App

Tethering (coming)


Lincoln HMI Design Concepts

Ford Autoshow SpecPod Kiosk

Ford Oculus 360 Video Experience

PS3 Ballers Game UI Screens

iPad Menu Concept (off-site)

Wii Game Party UI

Additional UI/Design Samples

Motion Graphics Samples