One day at the Bean

One day a couple Summers ago I walked down Michigan Avenue on my way to the Millennium Park Bean. My daughter sat on my shoulders playing in the sunlight. Her cousin sat on shoulders next to her and the two egged each other on with giddy screams. We’d become totem-tourists, and the girls grabbed at each other recklessly.

As we crossed Michigan Avenue I scrapped shoulders with an opposing pedestrian. I turned slowly to apologize but he spoke first…

“Fuck you you you stupidshit tadpole!”

I am not stupid. Stupid people don’t do normal things and that is NOT me.

But I am in fact marketing. I realize the power of it all. I get searching. And loving. People must love the brand.

We picnicked near the bean that day. We gave it our all. Dusk fell, the band played, and the kids found a frog…

But I am not an asshole. I am more creative than personal.

And I give more than I receive. Which is what you do, right?

We have found compatibility. You crave and I fill.


Thank You.

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