An open letter to the {Mr/Ms/Mrs/Sr/Jr/MD/RN/II/III/Sir or Esquire} who wants to hire me

My name is Sean Johnson and I’m a Creative. For now I live in Chicago.

I want to first say how touched I was to see that you created a {job/position/vocation/listing or posting} EXACTLY suited to me. You really didn’t have to be so specific as I could have just faked being a motivated creative and exceptional communicator, but the fact that you researched me so thoroughly was quite thoughtful. When I read the specs on this {incredible/interesting/rewarding} opportunity, it was like sliding into a warm glove of milk.

To quote that brunette chick from the 70’s who drove around with the mustache guy in the really fast smokey car, “You like me, you really like me!” (I think she won a Grammy for that speech!)

Now it’s my turn to impress you. I am in fact the perfect candidate for {above opportunity} due to my creative talents and because of how well I’d fit in there.

For one, I’m an accomplished writer, having just completed the fourteenth draft of my Civil War epic “Not in my Backyard” where two brothers square-off over their differing philosophies. Jed is a devout Carolina pork shoulder and vinegar man, while Leonidas is straight Kansas City dry rub. I think that once you read the whole 387-page manuscript you’ll agree my writing talents really round out my creative persona. I look forward to working on draft fifteen at your office, in between creating whatever visual niceties you’d want me to create.

Secondly, there’s my familiarity with your work. I loved that thing you did! That {campaign/site/endeavor or strategic initiative} really spoke to me.

Lastly, I should mention my experience. I have over fifteen years of hard core creative time under my belt…concepting, designing, illustrating and animating anything I can get my hands on. I wire-framed (and later built) a digital signage web application; designed a Frito-Lay/Star Wars promotional website; created animations for McDonald’s that played in the Smithsonian cafeteria; designed and built interfaces for console games like NBA Ballers, Wii Game Party, and Mortal Kombat; and most recently, I created broadcast television ads that played in markets across the country leading up to the 2010 mid-term elections.
(note: very few of the candidates whose commercials I worked on actually won, but I don’t think that was necessarily attributable to my work.)

If you haven’t done so already, have a look through the portfolio section of this site. It’s packed with designy, animating’y, and user interface-ish goodness.

Afterwards, let’s talk!
:: Sean

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