My Story

I have been doing creative stuff all my life.

I grew-up in Cleveland during the 70’s and 80’s. I had great, loving parents and smart, capable kin. I have a million great sun-soaked memories and only one major bad one.

I had a hip disease when I was young. I got around with an odd, steampunkish leather and steel brace on my leg, but it was hard. The kids in my neighborhood grew-up on playgrounds while my hip socket slowly decayed.

Dressed as Superman on Halloween night I jumped off our second story balcony. I was the “Man of Steel” (and leather) and I expected nothing to happen.

And nothing did…at least nothing lasting. A soft shrub caught me and gave me a mild scolding. The cuts and bruises healed over time.

And so did my hip…eventually.

But during that those couple years, when playgrounds were for other kids, I started drawing. I drew schematics of fantastic robots, fighter jets, and battleships. I went to private art classes where I sketched charcoal portraits and pastel still-life. With a healed leg my childhood became almost effortless.

I went to college with good friends. I drank and tried LOTS of new things. I enjoyed film and writing, politics and language.

But I also enjoyed using my friend’s Macintosh to create fake parking stickers.

I bought an Amiga and taught myself image-editing and animation. And working overnights at a particularly-slow Kinko’s gave me lots of time to learn Photoshop, Illustrator and design. These were hobbies that would become a career.

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