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UX, Project Lead,
Software, Experience Design


Onboarding new customers can be tricky. There were several ways to enter the Beam Ecosystem. Most simple enough. But for simple Beam test drives it was laborious. We forced potential customers into a full account-creation process, with email confirmations and worst of all ...

... a REQUIRED 8-minute safety video

Needless to say, we lost many potential customers over our 15-minute signup procedure.

This new methodology, suggested by the sales team but wireframed/developed by me...would make direct sales onboarding much easier

Inviting someone is enough. The infrastructure would work out temporary credentials for the new user and create a unique confirmation, without creating a full account

We all loved this since they no longer had to wait for potential customer falloff during sign-up.

I created a series of infographic slides that allowed users to still get the required safety information without having to sit through an extended video.