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Ford Oculus VR Experience

Finally time to combine my love of 3D and UI

In 2013 I designed, built and programmed an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality digital engagement for Ford. They used this 360º experience at their L.A. and Detroit auto shows.

Colleagues of mine used 2 special 6-camera, 360º GoPro camera rigs to shoot videos of Rally driver Ken Block on a closed course in Las Vegas.

I then stitched the videos together into immersive experiences…one inside the car with Block, and another on top of the car.

Coupled with a sleek “Tron-ish” 3D UI I designed, built and programmed, the activation has been well-received.

I designed the UI in Cinema 4D, Photoshop and Unity 3D.

I loved creating this 3D interface.