Sean Johnson's
Product & UX Design Samples

Amber Engine Product Information Management SaaS Application

2020 to Present

The Amber Engine Product Information Management (PIM) platform gives a brand a unified, cloud-based SaaS framework where they can collect all their product data and assets, from a multitude of sources. They can then spend time refining and correcting their data using advanced tools and insights, and connecting as many additional insights and assets as needed. Finally... and perhaps most importantly in PIMs... is the ability to then syndicate that data to multiple marketplaces and endpoints without redoing work. I started redesigning this PIM the day I arrived at Amber Engine, and the small amount of screens below reflect some of the work we did.

Amber Engine PIM Dashboard

Amber Engine PIM Product Catalog

The Channels Dashboard

The Data Import Section

The Digital Asset Catalog houses images and other assets

Formula Editor allows users to edit entire columns of data

Flow diagram outlining all Master Catalog Interactions, and their resultant states and outcomes

Some Exploratory Ideas Regarding Product Insights and AI Integration

CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) Financial Software


Doing UX Design consulting for a venerable financial software company, I spent 2019 streamlining and refining the company's CPQ software ecosystem. This included the front-end product catalog and configurators, a companion mobile application, and the back-end catalog-building framework.

CPQ Software Configurator

CPQ Software Configurator

CPQ Software Wireframes

This is a section of a much larger wire framing iteration for a financial software company. I spent most of 2019 as a consulting UX Designer, redesigning and reflowing their existing software suite. This shows their primary CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) product...

CPQ Mobile Wireframes

...and then here are corresponding mobile wireframes. This is a majority of the application. Both desktop and mobile wireframes were created exclusively by me.

Ford Autoshow Vehicle Browser Kiosk


Designed for Ford's 2014 Autoshow, I designed this multi-screen kiosk that allowed visitors to view color and trim packages on each vehicle. One of these kiosks was mounted beside each vehicle, using a specially-configured Android Tablet.

Vehicle Hero screen

Vehicle Line-Up Screen

Test Drive Offer Screen

Information Collection Form

The Autoshow entrance, with a kiosk at each vehicle

Kiosk in Action

Ford Autoshow 4D Mobile app


I concepted and wireframed Ford's 2014 4D mobile app, which consisted of a number of smaller apps. Different activities throughout the show were triggered by a 4D QR code scan


VOYR Influencer Social Exchange Platform


Voyr was a prototype paid social media platform that would start with a small group of celebrities and exclusive influencers, allowing them to better monetize their experiences. It was designed in cooperation with Kanye West

Media Feed Homepage

Live Media Feed with moderated chat

Waiting on a new feed...

Initial Flow document

Beam Telepresence Robots Control and Management software (Suitable Technologies)

2013 to 2018

Beams are remote telepresence devices, akin to Zoom-on-wheels. I designed and updated the front-end piloting application, the mobile versions of such, and the online back-end fleet management application. The designs here illustrate a new direction I was pushing the ecosystem, toward a more modern and collaborative experience.

New Beam Ecosystem (Dashboard)

New Beam Ecosystem (Rentable Beam Experiences)

New Beam Ecosystem (Marketplace)

New Beam Ecosystem (Connected Users)

Beam "Easy Login" Feature Journey Map

We added an "Easy login" feature to help new users onboard more quickly, especially for Beam test drives. The existing user onboarding forced people to watch a long safety video as well as a protracted account creation before being able to try a Beam. This new process meant much less attrition. This Journey Map helped us visualize the issues at hand.

Beam "Easy Login" Feature Flowchart

Once we worked out the how this feature would help our users, I created this flowchart to map out the exact logic.

Beam Pro 2 Touchscreen Featureset

Our latest product, the Beam Pro 2, would have a touchscreen. After meeting with stakeholders and customers, we whittled down the featureset for v1 deployment. These wireframes outline the complete set of features.

Beam Mobile App

Sample Requirements Document (excerpt)

This is a sample of a document I created, outlining requirements, goals, and path for one of Beam's features.

Sample User Stories (excerpt)

This is a sample of user stories I created for this feature

Comdex Virtual Tradeshow (UBM)


Comdex was a computer conference that had been around since the 80's, and acquired by UBM in the mid-2000's. It was now a smaller live conference with a much larger virtual attendance.

Comdex Virtual Home

Individual Lecture Detail Screen

Keynote Home

Paid Video Content

Beam Marketing Site

Suitable Tech (Beam) Marketing site

Finished Hompage